5 Summer Sexy Massages

1. Back Stroke Bliss
Take off his shirt, squeeze sunscreen into your hands, and launch a heat wave.After coating his entire back in sunscreen, place your palms on either side of his lower spine, your fingers facing out, not up. Push your palms out to the sides, slowly working your way up his toward his shoulders without removing your hands from his body, then back down again.

2. Spine Tingler
Use your index finger to sensually trace Xs into three spots along his mid-back: right on his spine, just to the right of his backbone, and to the left.  His lower back contains a nexus of pleasure-receptive nerves that connect to his package.

3. The Nipple Effect
Slowly and lightly graze your fingers in circles around the outer edges of his nipples. His headlights are huge erogenous zones, and they also get sunburned easily—so giving them some lotion love is a total win-win.

4. Neck Nirvana
Gently run your fingertips of both hands up his back, all the way to his neck. Cup your hand into a C and squeeze the back of his neck, so your fingertips touch under his ears. This is another nerve-packed region, and feeling your hands here will shoot currents of pleasure all over his body. The neck and ears are also prime skin cancer spots for guys, so SPFing here will repel harmful rays.

5. The Indian Rub
Create a crazy-hot burning sensation on his chest by rubbing the palm of your right hand in anupward motion while pushing the palm of your left hand downward. The friction causes intense heat, and he'll feel warm pangs shoot through his body.

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