G-spot and The Female Orgasm

Already entered the new millennium it is time to start getting a real sexual freedom, that has nothing to do with a false liberation from socially imposed mandates, but to know how sexuality in each of us, what are the best ways of obtaining satisfaction with which we and exploit for our own welfare and that of our partners.

One obstacle may be the difficulty given himself permission to feel pleasure, any pleasure. But selfishness is part of desire. Their recognition will be a good first step, then you can afford satisfaction. And from there the most urgent need also meet the other person, in a round that is pleasing and please leave.

The female orgasm
Orgasm is an episode of discharge accumulated tension that occurs from blood pelvic congestion is accompanied by the physical sensation of arousal. The energy release is produced by rhythmic discharges and involuntary muscles around the genitals, but also compromise the body. These contractions are extremely pleasant, produce a sense of relief and relaxation. Usually followed by a feeling of tranquility, wellness and wholeness. It is produced from the physiological point of view a decrease tension, and from the subjective experience of intense pleasure.

The clitoris
The clitoris is the erectile organ located on the top of the vulva of women.

It is attached to the labia minora, and partially covered by them. In fact, they are usually visible only the hood and the glans of the clitoris which are at the top of the labia minora, which are barely a tenth of its total volume.

It concentrated the nerves that produce sexual pleasure in women. Indeed, this organ has no known function until the moment of giving pleasure. So much so that in some societies on the African continent is practiced sexual mutilation of women: the ablation is the mutilation of the clitoris before girls reach menarche prevent known sexual pleasure.

It seems hard to find, nowhere seems hidden, inaccessible to many, frantic searches triggered by a need to seek maximum pleasure possible, allocated a place. But where?

In the early twentieth century were a number of theoretical developments that led to the great challenge of establishing that human sexuality begins in childhood and constitutes a development. From then on it was embracing the idea that there were two types of orgasms: one related to the partial drives, clitoral, "local", and another mature, total, related to adulthood: the vaginal orgasm. Whereupon the clitoral orgasm was associated with sexual immaturity, masturbation, or at most as part of the "foreplay" or "preliminary." Or preliminary to what? Of course, penetration, considering this and no other is the ultimate goal of all that is called a "sexual relationship".
In principle it is good to know that human sexuality is characterized by not being reducible to genital connection modes. Therefore, sex should not have to necessarily lead to the penis in the vagina, with consequent orgasm ("... and if at the same time, the better ..."). It may well begin and end with a love game, other than preliminary, but an end in itself, with orgasm or not.

However, it is important to know that all female orgasms are clitoral involvement. And all vaginal sensations "come" in the extreme and exquisite sensitivity of this organ, the swell of excitement tends to "invade" the vaginal area. In fact, the vagina has no nerve endings, so it is impossible to feel something only stimulation. The use of tampons clearly demonstrates that this is so not feeling!

And the vaginal orgasm? In fact, the absence of the clitoris, the woman would not feel no sexual arousal, as will happen to the Africans who are mutilated. It is the clitoris which "loans" as a subsidiary body, all sensations in the vagina when there is sexual arousal.

Does the internal clitoris is the famous G-spot?
Over the years much has been speculated about the existence of the G spot, the truth is there and if you find where it is located and learn how to stimulate it, you'll know how to get more intense pleasures. In some women (not all) attempts a different quality of pleasure.

In 1950, the German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg, found an area within the vagina that when stimulated could cause orgasms for women. By using the initial of your last name comes from point G, which in reality is not exactly a point but a rough area, located in front of the vagina, a few inches inside her, on top or ceiling. The area itself is rich in nerve endings. During sexual arousal, increased blood flow considerably here. This makes the G-spot to swell and thus easier to find.

We see that the rubbing of the clitoris (internal or external), which stimulates and increases sexual arousal. Regardless of whether the hand rubs or self-employed, with the penis or inserted, or some other object. And this does not make sexual maturity reached by the woman or couple, or the type of orgasm. Nor is important when you reach, if before, during or after the foreplay or penetration. The important thing is, know your body will allow us to get closer to obtaining a pleasure that is often ignored

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