Tips on Buying the Perfect Jeans

Finally we conclude that no matter the brand of jeans you buy, the important thing for you to see spectacular is: know your body well, and capitalize on the attributes you possess. 

So here are the tips:

1.      Right cut of jeans:
If you have an hourglass shape, use low cut on the hip (Low Rise). If you have used the notched corners cut boot (boot cut) and dark tones. Chicas for short legs. Do not use Capris please! To lengthen your legs wear jeans cigarette style (skinny)

2.      Right size:
For short-waisted girls, you can show off with a low hip jeans (low rise) and boot-cut (boot cut) you will see that you have a long torso. However if you are long waisted, lean and high-cut jeans, super low avoids cuts (super low rise) as you will see the longer torso. If you are using large sizes and wide hips, do not wear baggy jeans and skinny jeans (skinny). Choose a cut that is not, nor too narrow or too wide ... always seeking balance.

      3.      Color correct:
The blues is the basic piece of any wardrobe and the darker the pants appropriate for the night.

4. Correct length:
Jeans should be on the ground, but not when they stop playing it right. Any other long ... is a failure! Consider the shoes to wear, for the length of the jean.

      5.      Right size:
Choose jeans that fit you well. Measure your waist and height-for such a measure, not what you want to be, no one will see the label, or what size you wear and remember that cotton is reduced 2-3 cm, so keep this in mind when you try them.

For the boys buy a jean is a breeze, while for us is horrible. Easy, once you grab the trick, it will be less traumatic.


  1. I really enjoyed reading your tips on how to buy the right jeans. Not many people would say what you've said and still make it interesting. It is extremely helpful for me! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Félicitations pour votre message! C'est merveilleux et parfait!