Shellac Nail Polish Review

What is Shellac?
Shellac is the brain child of a California company called Creative Nail Design, more commonly known as CND. The company says it spent five years perfecting the product. Shellac is frequently described as a hybrid of the popular gel manicure.It ranges in the industry from $30 to $40

 Shellac Nail Polish

So what’s the Difference Between a Gel Manicure and Shellac?
Just like KFC and McD, these two are practically the same. All "gel" manicures — whether brand-name or not — have very similar technical properties: UV light cures and hardens the polish, which makes it last up to two weeks. The downside of this durability is that removing these varnishes requires an acetone finger-bath.

The one difference is that Shellac, uses a formula they call a "Power Polish," which is basically a blend of UV-cured and regular nail polish.But Shellac is not for everyone. Your natural nails and nail beds must be healthy. If they're splitting, peeling or damaged from using acrylic or gel enhancements, experts say you should wait and talk to a licensed, trained nail care professional.

 Shellac Nail Polish

How is Shellac applied?
Shellac has to be applied in a salon as it requires the use of specially created UV lamps to cure the polish. First, a base coat is applied followed by two layers of colour and completed with a top coat. After each coat is applied your hand is placed under the UV lamp while your other hand is being painted. No dry time is required and so you need not worry about smudging your nails.

How is Shellac removed?
The removal process for Shellac is also slightly different in that CND sells their own acetone wraps, which isolate the powerful remover to just the nail-bed area so you don't have to entirely soak your fingertips in a bowl. This saves your fingers slightly, as acetone dries out nails and skin.

Whichever you choose, don't forget to apply sunscreen to the backs of hands prior to sticking them in a UV lamp, which emits harmful rays. Once you remove the polish, use nail oils and creams to keep your hands hydrated and healthy.


Types of Lingerie You Should Know

Lingerie comes in different types and styles and has been used by women for ages to feel good and improve their self confidence and also to look attractive to their men. Lingerie is usually chosen according to its function. As there is lingerie for seduction, there is lingerie for sleeping in like negligees and lingerie for relaxing in, like lounge pants. There are four types of lingerie however, that are quite common and these are chemises, camisoles, negligees and French knickers.

The Chemise
The chemise was once known as the shift and is a simple piece of lingerie. It is a short gown worn inside clothing that falls just a little above the knees. It is meant to fit a woman's body without being too tight. When a chemise is made from high quality fabric like silk or natural bamboo fabric, it has the effect of making a woman feel elegant and refined. The chemise can be worn under a sheer evening gown, giving the body a smooth silhouette without any lines or wrinkles showing.

The Camisole
Similar to the chemise, the camisole only stops at the waist. This is one piece of lingerie that is a staple with a lot of women; almost every woman you know owns a camisole or two. Although originally made to function as an inner garment, the camisole has acquired a lot of versatility in recent times and is used in different ways. Used as an inner garment still, it is also used by women underneath their business suits in place of the traditional shirt. When made with fancy fabrics and containing trimmings, a camisole can be used as evening wear over a skirt or pair of trousers.

Used for sleeping purposes, the negligee is not a nightgown. The major difference though, lies in the construction and fabric used. While the nightgown can be made of cotton or wool, a negligee is typically made from sheer fabric like silk or natural bamboo fabric. It is usually trimmed in lace, though not necessarily and is a luxurious piece of sleep wear. Negligees were not originally revealing and were made to be modest. Although it is still possible to get modest negligees, this piece of lingerie is often revealing and skimpy. There are negligees that go beyond the knees but most stop well above.

The beauty of the negligee lies in its comfort. It is an extremely comfortable piece of nightwear and is luxurious on the body. To get the best out of your negligee, ordering a handmade one is advised. This is because it can be made to your specifications so that you have a nightwear that is comfortable, sexy and also fits your personality style.

French Knickers
French Knickers are a style of panties; they are unique in the sense that while they start from the hip, cover the buttocks and end at the thigh, they are free at the thigh-ends without elastic of any kind. Instead, they usually end with a lace trimming. It is a sexy piece of underwear mainly because it is made from sheer fabric and is so comfortable. When you get French knickers that fit to perfection, you truly experience luxury.
No woman should have to go through life without some lingerie of sorts. It enhances the inner woman and brings out a confidence that outerwear will never be able to inspire.


Top 10 Women's Beach Bodies

In these days of declining public decency, the once-taboo bikini has become all too common, popping up miles from any beach and clinging to some downright un-bikini worthy women. But it wasn’t always like that; there was a time when only the truly daring or truly hot would sport a two-piece bathing suit.

They had curves in all the right places, perfect skin to match and an air of confidence when waltzing around in next to nothing that completed the perfect package. Sure, one trip to the beach might bring about dozens of amazing beach bodies, but there are only a select few all-time greats.
Here are our top 10.

#10. Vanessa Hudgen

Vanessa’s been spotted many times in a two piece but this has to be our favorite. The 23 year old knows her style and sticks to it whether on the red carpet or enjoying her time off. This rising actress enjoyed some rest and relaxation in Hawaii with a brightly colored and ethnic printed bikini. We love how the starlet accessorized her suit and the overall ensemble is perfectly age appropriate. Our last question for this Hollywood queen…how does your hair stay so perfect at the beach?!

#9. Audrina Patridge
This former reality starlet donned a floral printed two piece with coral color that coordinates seamlessly with her tanned, and toned, skin. This actress, model, host, extraordinaire is not shy about her workout routine and eats healthily, yet has her fun days too where she eats her favorite sweets. We love Audrina’s ‘Baywatch’ like strut in this photo paired with some classic aviator sunglasses and a ponytail to create her classic relaxed style.

#8. Rihanna
Rihanna may be starring in a new movie this year but still adore her most for her musical talents, and her style. A Barbados native, Rihanna’s known for her true figure and her dance moves. We love that this Hollywood woman doesn’t change herself just because she’s in the spotlight. Donning a white two piece complete with a jacket tied around her waist, pure 90’s style we’d like to add, Rihanna enjoyed some paddle surfing in the truly turquoise waters of Hawaii.

#7. Bethenny Frankel
We all wish we had her sense of humor, her culinary talents, and, of course, her body. Perhaps it goes without saying that this natural chef eats and drinks the best things for you and maybe that’s what we shall attribute her hot bod to, but we’d like to think it’s a combination or eating her own delicious foods and working out. We love to follow her reality show which gives us a front row seat to her daily routine including meals and workouts…if only we had the same discipline for ourselves.

#6. Julianne Hough
This famed triple threat (dancer, singer, and actress) enjoyed some time off in St. Barths. We adore this green color on her, but we can’t stop starring at her perfectly toned body. We must attribute this body to the rising Hollywood gal’s dancing routine. Perhaps we need to become famous so we can join Dancing with the Stars and get ourselves a body like this. We only hope Ry-Guy, Ryan Seacrest, knows exactly what he’s got with his lovely girlfriend.

#5. Jessica Alba
This former army brat could swim before she could walk, so she is very comfortable in a bikini (although her svelte 5’6” frame might also help with that). She’s not as busty as some of the girls on this list (she admits to measurements of 34-24-34), but her radiant smile and glowing skin more than make up for it. Further proof of her bikini bombshell status came about after keen-eyed paparazzi spotted her frolicking about in a skimpy yellow two-piece down in Mexico. Not that we condone this horrible invasion of her privacy, but since they already took the photos, it would be a shame for them to just fade away unappreciated, right?

#4. Kim Kardashian
The Hollywood starlet almost always at the center of attention, or controversy, and the reality show queen that everyone loves to hate or loves to emulate. Yes, of course, we’re talking about famed Kim Kardashian. This brunette bombshell seems to always have the latest fashions and follow the latest trends, and when it comes to bikini shots we love her figure. This tabloid queen isn’t stick thin and embraces the curves she has by dressing appropriately, for the most part. We’d love to look as good as this girl during our workouts.

#3. Megan Fox
The Mrs. Brian Austin Green recently announced with her hubby that they’re expecting their first child together, and we can’t wait to see how adorable this Hollywood baby is. We’re sure that Megan won’t lose her awesome beach body during her pregnancy and after giving birth. The toned actress is always stunning along the red carpets and we love seeing her in form fitting gowns, but it’s nice to finally see those rock hard abs of hers at the beach. Congrats to the mom to be, and we can’t wait to see bikini shots this summer with your new baby bump!

#2. Cameron Diaz
When we think of Hollywood actress at the beach, we think of Cameron. Who else would be able to join you surfing, throw a ball around in the sand, and still look great doing it all. Cameron’s our go-to gal for the funny girlfriend you always want to take to the bars with you, or out dancing, but now we’re ready to jet-set anywhere with her, as long as it’s in a bikini. This star’s sporty figure matches her it-girl personality to a ‘t’. This bikini, a coveted style by L*Space Swimwear, has been featured on covers and inside pages of magazines but we love it on Cameron, it suits her style perfectly. (And, we just envy those abs!)

#1 Halle Berry
This Ohio-born beauty is the only gal on this prestigious list to also lay claim to the title "Oscar Winner." She won that award for her work in 2001’s Monster’s Ball, but it was her work in the 2002 Bond flick, Die Another Day, that secured her a spot on this list. Halle played the quintessential Bond girl, Jinx, who burst from the foamy surf in the skimpiest of bikinis to greet the world’s smoothest spy in this otherwise rather tepid Bond film’s best moment.


Women's Hairstyles Speak Your Personalities

A woman's hairstyle can speak volumes about her personality. Long hairstyles are a great way for women to express their individuality, while feeling attractive and trendy.

Complimenting a super straight look, blunt haircuts are the latest style. The blunt haircut gives long hair a very clean cut, sharp look.
Hairstyles for Women

Geometric cuts are becoming more popular and offer straight styles an off kilter look. Geometric cuts can be as simple as cutting one side of the hair a bit shorter than the other. These styles are an opportunity for stylists to create a hairstyle that uniquely frames a person's individual facial features.

Hairstyles for Women

Wavy and tousled styles are as popular as straight styles. Sun, sand, and saltwater may not be the ideal hair treatment, yet women seem to walk the beaches with perfect, tousled locks. Beach hair, which has become popular throughout the year, can be easily achieved at home. Texturizer sprays are a great way to separate strands of hair and create beachy waves. After applying the texturizer to the hair, it is important to scrunch the hair in order to achieve the desired look.
Hairstyles for Women

It is important to remember that every person has their own individual style and hair type. There are hundreds of tips, suggestions and opinions, but the only opinion that really matters is yours.

Prepare Your Halloween Makeup

Dressing up for Halloween is so much fun with the preparation and than the thrill of seeing others react to your image.

Here are some great tips and tricks to complete your Halloween look!

1. Scars: One of the easiest and safest ways to make scars is to use colored tissue paper and corn syrup, yep you read it right corn syrup. Choose a color of tissue paper that matches the makeup color as closely as possible. The corn syrup will be sticky this will allow it to stick to your skin, allow it to dry completely then apply makeup.

2. Witch: For Halloween witch makeup ideas you will want to find a matte makeup that is cream based and green tinted. You will want to create some fake warts. You will want to use some black makeup to highlight areas and make your cheeks look sunken in, etc. Raisins attached to the face with gum spirit, and covered with makeup will look just like a wart.

Halloween Makeup

3. Dead biker zombie: For this Halloween makeup idea you are going to want to get some fake scars, some scabs and road rash supplies. What you want to do to create road rash is make a mix of gelatin or jello. You will want grape and cranberry to get the right colors.

4. Warts: (warning keep away from eyes) use black, or white pepper corns. Place on the nose using corn syrup, or eyelash glue. You can even use hairs from paint brush to create hairy warts for that extra gross look. Lightly paint around the area to blend with rest of makeup or apply face powder to soften the look.

5. Hobo: The next Halloween makeup idea is that of a hobo. For this you are going to use makeup to create bruises, dirt, etc. So, start by applying a matte makeup that will discolor the face some anyway. Then add some darker makeup, browns, blacks, some blues and greens. This will help make the bruises and dirt streaks that you apply look more realistic, aged, and right.


Fohawk Hairstyles

If you want to do something different with your hair then you should have a look at some fohawk styles which will be funky and fun without being totally out there. What is a fohawk hair style? It is a very popular way to wear your hair. It comes from Mohawk tribe of Native Americans.

You can easily get a number of fohawk styles that will suit you. You don't necessarily have to have long or medium length hair for this. You can use your short hair and just spike it up in the front.

Fohawk Hairstyles
Unlike other types of similar hairstyles, general advice, as far as Fohawk hairstyles go, is against washing the hair before styling. This is especially so for those endowed with the softer varieties of hair. Some of the basic Fohawk hairstyles might be created with the 'bare hand' - especially if your hair is sturdy enough to stand straight on its own. To keep their hair strands that make up the different strips that create the Fohawk hairstyle, (and keep the hair strips from coming together again and messing up with the whole look), an accessory known as styling paste is employed.

While there are quite a great variety of individual Fohawks hairstyles, what brings them together is the fact that the hair of the wearer in whatever Fohawk hairstyle is worked into strips of different lengths.It is not too hard to achieve this look. You will need some hair gel or hair wax. Hair spray will also work. Rub the gel throughout your hair. Now pull up the middle into the shape that you want. If you want spiky, go for that look. When you got it right, spray it with hairspray. Now take a hair dryer to it. That is it.

Fohawk Hairstyles

Fohawk Hairstyles


Michael Kors Tote Bags

Many of us ladies long to tote around with a high-end designer handbag.Tote bags are some of the most versatile bags out there. The Michael Kors Handbags family is not immune to that description.

The awesome thing about tote bags is all the application they can be used for. One could stash some work file folders, their Macbook or even a sweater for the cooler nights. They offer a more stylish approach to carrying your computer around then the basic laptop bags offered at those major computer stores.

Michael Kors Tote Bags

A great tote bag with quality leather and available in several colors including brown, graphite, vanilla and patent leather. The chained straps are a nice reminder from Chanel handbags and the strap horizontally laid at the top portion of the tote is a familiar reminder of the Hermes Birkin bag. Small, subtle reminders of the iconic designers and their creations.

With a great choice of handbags from Michael Kors, there's no reason to buy a fake handbag. Counterfeit handbags support terrorism, child abuse, drug abuse and so many more horrific crimes. Help combat the counterfeit industry and buy authentic designer handbags only.
Michael Kors Tote Bags