Denise Richards Regrets Getting Breast Implants

Denise Richards is sincere in the controversial radio program Howard Stern, when she was asked if her breasts were natural or not. This actress confessed that "they are natural on the outside but not inside," she had repented of that decision.

Denise Richard explained that she performed the first surgery breast at age 19 when she moved to Los Angeles.

"My roommate had the best breasts in the world and had to operate. I thought was terribly flat and you can buy them and foolishly I was operated on," Denise said that, unfortunately, the implants were too big, so he had to undergo two other surgeries before being satisfied.

"I was young and I should have researched better. It was a big mistake. Young girls do not do it," said the actress.

Denise said that large breasts were ridiculous in their bodies and admitted that her intention now is to deter any woman from having surgery.

"Women do not realize because of the complications, things can go wrong, as happened with me," she said.

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