Making Love with Lights On

According to a recent survey, 90% of couples like having sex with the lights on, The survey was created by the site Good In Bed. There were 1731 men and 1369 women who finished the study respondents.

Research from Good In Bed also reveals any behavior or sexual activity that favored women and men. From the survey is known, 90% of men and women like having sex with the lights on. More than 80% of men and women also like to make love at home, in addition to the room, such as in bathrooms or kitchens.

As quoted from the site Good In Bed, the study was made to find out how brave couple experimenting in sexual activity. They also want to know what lovemaking couples who dare to do.

From these studies revealed, when the couple claimed to dare to experiment more to get satisfaction during lovemaking. Women who do more experimentation in matters of sex, than men. For example, women are more daring and naughty talk also shares her fantasy.

Courage couples to perform experiments during sex depending on how long they were married. The longer the age of marriage, the more often the couple engaged in sexual activity.

Good In Bed director Mark Christian MS said the survey results are quite surprising to many parties. As long as people understand this, men were more courageous in matters of sex and women shy because it was considered taboo.

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