Sexual Yoga – Breathing Exercises

Oxygen benefits for blood flow throughout the body, it also makes you reach orgasm!

To optimize the oxygen is by breathing techniques. This technique is often called ‘sexual yoga‘, because this technique to train the femininity area. Here are some types of breathing techniques are beneficial for your sex life, as quoted from the Health.

1. Shortness of breath, rapid and rhythmic by using your nose for one to three minutes will increase your sexual desire, especially if you have trouble getting an orgasm. You can do this exercise before or during have sex.

2. The second way is a bit different, but the benefits as well as like the first. This way can do before you having sex. All you have to do is sleep on your back with knees bent and feet widened sufficiently. Begin to breathe deeply until you feel the diaphragm develops. Imagine all the incoming air will lead to your genitals. When you exhale, get rid of as many as you move all the oxygen in the body.

3. After doing some deep breathing exercises, breathe rapidly with abdominal breathing and with his mouth open. Do as much as 10 to 20 times, and then breathe in again to draw breath through your nose and throw it through the mouth. That way, you will feel the sex drive increases.

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