Pheromones trigger sexual attraction

Pheromones are sex hormones that serve as a form of chemical communication between humans. This substance is very powerful and is secreted through the skin has an intense effect that arouses sexual desire to be inhaled.

The vomeronasal organ is the specific part of the nose that detects, then it sends a signal to the hypothalamus, which produces hormonal changes in the brain and in the basic biological functions. Pheromones affect the brain even without being detected by smell.

There are three kinds of pheromones, depending on the type of reaction occur: initiators, they generate a change in the hormonal balance of the receptor, liberating, are those that produce specific behavior patterns, such as the sexual impulse, informative, carrying information about the issuer, as age, health status, etc..

Pheromones are more attractive to people, improve personal and sexual relationships also produce feelings of trust and sympathy.

It is normal to doubt about the power of pheromones and the effects they cause in humans, however, numerous scientific studies in various laboratories and universities show that the power of pheromones is real.

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