5 tips to restore the beauty of your hair

Hair is a fundamental factor of beauty, so it is very important to take care and keep it soft, silky, shiny and manageable, but there are several officers who mistreat, causing it to look dry, damaged and dull.

According to image consultant and stylist, Alvaro Reyes, the main factors that affect health and beauty of hair are nutrient-poor diet, prolonged sun exposure, pollution and wind.

Thus, the ideal is to provide an optimal level of hydration to restore its natural qualities. Put into practice these tips and you will see a big change in the appearance of your hair.

1.Choosing the right shampoo:
Find a product that provides specific benefits for dry hair, Restructuring as properties that help reduce the damage caused by pollution, the use of drying or exposure to chemical processes.

2.Wash it properly:
Rinse hair with warm water (hot dehydrates the hair) to remove the residues of chemicals used for combing. Deposited in the palm of their hands a small amount of shampoo and distribute it through the scalp. Give a gentle massage with the fingertips and the foam is generated, wash the remaining hair. Rinse hair and use a conditioner repairman at the tips. Finally, rinse with cold water to close the cuticle.

3.Dry it:
Use a towel to remove residual water, but do not over tighten. Ideally, let it dry naturally, that is, avoid using dryers.

4. If your lifestyle requires, we recommend using a restorative lotion to create a safety bar and prevent the hair from breakage, and provide shine and softness.

5.Nourish it:
To make the hair look healthy and shiny it is necessary to take care of inside and out. In this sense, has a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables and protein. Moreover, it applies each week intensive treatment in order to rebuild and nourish the hair fiber from the inside.

Remember that to preserve the health and beauty of hair need daily brushing from root to tip, to promote growth, increase blood circulation and hydration. And you, how you care for your hair?

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