Prepare Your Halloween Makeup

Dressing up for Halloween is so much fun with the preparation and than the thrill of seeing others react to your image.

Here are some great tips and tricks to complete your Halloween look!

1. Scars: One of the easiest and safest ways to make scars is to use colored tissue paper and corn syrup, yep you read it right corn syrup. Choose a color of tissue paper that matches the makeup color as closely as possible. The corn syrup will be sticky this will allow it to stick to your skin, allow it to dry completely then apply makeup.

2. Witch: For Halloween witch makeup ideas you will want to find a matte makeup that is cream based and green tinted. You will want to create some fake warts. You will want to use some black makeup to highlight areas and make your cheeks look sunken in, etc. Raisins attached to the face with gum spirit, and covered with makeup will look just like a wart.

Halloween Makeup

3. Dead biker zombie: For this Halloween makeup idea you are going to want to get some fake scars, some scabs and road rash supplies. What you want to do to create road rash is make a mix of gelatin or jello. You will want grape and cranberry to get the right colors.

4. Warts: (warning keep away from eyes) use black, or white pepper corns. Place on the nose using corn syrup, or eyelash glue. You can even use hairs from paint brush to create hairy warts for that extra gross look. Lightly paint around the area to blend with rest of makeup or apply face powder to soften the look.

5. Hobo: The next Halloween makeup idea is that of a hobo. For this you are going to use makeup to create bruises, dirt, etc. So, start by applying a matte makeup that will discolor the face some anyway. Then add some darker makeup, browns, blacks, some blues and greens. This will help make the bruises and dirt streaks that you apply look more realistic, aged, and right.

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