4 Signs - Guy Is In To You

How to know if a guy is in to you can be quite confusing and tricky. Sometimes we meet a guy that wants to be friends but his actions show more than friendship. There are signs to tell if a guy likes you, but you can misunderstand the signs if you don't know what to look for.

When a guy likes a girl, he shows a good impression, but you still don't know if he really likes you. He puts up his guard without realizing it and it's up to you to tear it down one piece at a time. His true self will send out signals supporting his real feelings. Before you pursue the relationship, look for the 4 signs to know for sure if he is in to you.

1-The eyes tell the truth - His eyes light up when he is with you, just like a small child given a candy bar. It shows he loves you. He is happy and excited when he's around you. It's amazing how the eyes can speak the truth. You can tell a lot about a guy just by watching his eyes.

The eyes tell the truth

2-Love signals- He wants to be with you all the time regardless of what's going on in his life. You're his center of attention. He smiles a lot and is extremely happy. He starts getting involved in your hobbies and activities, so you will think he has a lot in common with you. He calls quite often as he loves hearing your voice.

He now has the courage to ask you to spend the week-ends with him. With the hectic schedule of everyday lives, this is his way of spending all his time with you. He absolutely can't stand to be without you.

He puts you first and is concerned about your health. He will ask if you've had lunch, do you need to go to the doctor and more tell-tale signs. He wants to make sure you're taking care of yourself by asking all these things. It's a good indication that he is love sick over you.

man and woman laugh

3-Touch of feelings- He notices things you're wearing such as earrings, and he uses the excuse that he really likes them and touches you around your ear. He will want to touch your face and admire how nice your hair looks by running his fingers through it. He wants to touch you at every opportunity and give you more hugs and kisses.
Touch of feelings

4-More gifts and the small things- He's buying you more gifts and sending you flowers. It shows he's thinking of you all the time even while he's out shopping. When you're out with him with a group of people, he pays special attention to you and is proud to show you off.

These 4 signs are a sure way to know if a guy is in to you. It's definitely possible that he's in love with you. Even if he just shows one of these signs, chances are, he has romantic feelings for you. Once you know if a guy really likes you, it's time to move on with the relationship.

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