Beauty Tips of Famous Women

Many of us have wondered what women do to always look radiant famous and glamorous at all times.

It's time to learn some tricks and beauty tips for women more beautiful and sensual, who live in his image and his body. They say use the best creams and treatments, as they are the best allies of beauty.

In a column in a women's magazine, they reveal their innermost secrets of beauty and hair care, diet, household tips, therapies, among others. In addition to considering five important clues as yoga and gymnastics, using moisturizers and anti-aging, rest and sleep well, maintain emotional balance and not to consume carbohydrates.

Some of the famous women we have:

Jennifer Lopez used to enhance beauty rather mascara, lip gloss and her own perfume to make a difference.

Claudia Schiffer: For facial skin care uses sunscreen and anti-aging, combat fatigue and its beauty trick is to apply highlighter under makeup.

Cameron Diaz: Every week serum and wax is applied bright kiwi. For evening space opt for mascara, blush pink accompanied by a bright red and crimson.

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