Shape Up Making Love

To get in shape not only need to exercise, swimming or a strict diet. If not, we can get done and enjoying the love with your partner. It also stimulates other important points of our body for better functioning of our body.

It also allows us to have a healthy body, strong, vigorous and beautiful. Because we eliminate the calories and the stimulation of the muscles and hormones, some of that good feeling you already know.

Living a full moment of passion with your partner helps increase mental and physical wellbeing, especially in hormonal activity.In exercising a passionate kiss, stimulates muscles and increases 29 heart rate 70 to 140 beats per minute.

In the case of women, helps strengthen the pelvic area, preventing the collapse of the bladder and uterus, enhancing the female orgasm.

Sex hormones such as estrogens, progesterone and testosterone, help maintain strength, muscle mass and bone density.

And that's not all, because making love, it helps to release nitric oxide that allows us to improve our cardiovascular system.

Also, breathing quickens, and each breath we send more oxygen to all hormones and tissues, helping to stimulate various organs and body systems, as well as the epidermis, allowing for improved brightness and hue of our skin.

Finally, increases the feeling of agility by the activity of muscle mass

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