How to choose the right perfume?

Perfume is a dress that reveals olfactory personality, character, emotions ...

 Learn to read the secrets of perfume to find the fragrance that best suits you.

1. Knowing what we like
First, you have to be able to define the smells that you like. A perfume can be floral, fruity, amber, woody ... It is often difficult to decide on one. The criteria vary depending on the skin, emotions, memories and personality.

2. Test your perfume
A fragrance for each skin. Effluvium varies by skin type and skin that tends to transform the characteristics of a fragrance. To determine whether a perfume for you, try it in areas where you take your pulse (neck, wrist) and wait half an hour. That's when you discover the true personality of a perfume, its wake and how you feel.
It is not advisable to try a perfume on the back or palm of the hand.
Nor fragrance spray near the metal jewelry and acidifies the skin environment contact.

3. Understand the notes of a perfume
A perfume has a structure conceived in olfactory pyramid divided into three parts: the high notes (which are perceived from the steaming, fresh and volatile), the middle notes or heart of the perfume (more voluptuous appear after 10 min ) and low notes (heavy and tough, are fixing the perfume). One knows the true scent of a perfume one hour after application, when all the notes come to light.

4. Choose the right formula
Eau de toilette, perfume, fresh water, scented oil, lotion ... It is not always easy to choose the formula that best suits us. You must know that the Eau de toilette is ideal for daily use as it leaves a trail discreet. They also go well lotions and powders delicately scented skin. For a more intense fragrance, eau de parfum choose one or even a perfume, a true wardrobe that I wear all night.

5. Perfume in the right place
It is said that a perfume is to be where you want the kiss.
Perfume is an article of seduction, and for it to take effect, anoint prying areas: neck, neck, chest, behind the ear, on the inside of the wrist ... You can also scent your clothes for a gentle wake. However, one must reveal a subtle perfume. Two or three sprays are enough to smell good all day.

6. Keep the perfume
At the perfume are not going well or light, or temperature variations, and heat ... Keep it in its original packaging. A well preserved perfume has a life of between 2 and 5 years. However, if the perfume is already started, the air alters the content and alter it ends. An unopened bottle can retain the smell for years. However, the color of the perfume may be changed, a fact that does not mean that the fragrance has been altered.

In brief
We give you 5 tips for you to choose your perfume either:
1-Choose the perfume according to the personality.
2-Test the perfume.
3-Choose the right formula.
4-perfume sparingly.
5-Keep good perfume.

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