The First Time Making Love

Fear of disclosure of intimacy, fear of pain or simply do not know how. Making love for the first time can be a source of anguish. See our tips for a fresh start.

1. At what age?
The difference in age at first sex among boys and girls has decreased. However, contrary to popular belief, young people are not ever earlier. In Spain, the average is between 17 and 18. Without looking at statistics, it is essential not to rush and wait for the right moment. For your first go, it is imperative you want to. Do not pressure the stress will not help you relax. Your muscles will contract and the penetration will be difficult.

2. How to act?
There intercourse when penetration. The erect penis is nested in the vagina lubricated and made movements back and forth to reach ejaculation. It seems technical, but do not worry, everything is very natural!

3. What are the preliminaries?
Above all, do not skip the preliminary stage. These touches will make you discover the sensuality of the body of the other and increase the complicity between the two. Immerse the heart of yet unknown sensations to determine what gives you pleasure. The petting, kissing, erotic massage soft or promote sexual excitement you need to pass the act. The male erection is in your vagina naturally lubricates. Insufficient lubrication causes painful intercourse. In that case, do not hesitate to humidify your vagina with the help of saliva or a lubricator.

4. What position?
Let the stunts for later! Do not hesitate to tell your partner to reduce the rate if you feel pain. Take your time. For the first time, the missionary (you on his back it up) is a good option. In this position, the penetration is done naturally, because his penis is in the direction of your vagina.
The second option is you sitting astride him. This way you can guide your sex as you want in your vagina and you can control in motion.

5. What is the hymen?
Losing your virginity is the breaking of the hymen, a membrane that partially covers the opening of the vagina vulva. You may insert a finger or using tampons before first intercourse, because the hymen has a slight opening. During intercourse, the hymen is torn and can cause a little bleeding or pain. You can also bleed a little the second time. The practice of a sport regularly, mainly dance and horsemanship, give the hymen. In these cases, the first penetration is performed more smoothly.

6. Disappointed with your first time?
It is rare to reach the seventh heaven during your first relationship. Many factors come into play: fear of doing it wrong, stress, etc.. Sex is like everything: practice to be good. As the vagina is not an area which has multiple sensors pleasure, takes time. It's in you to leave behind the bad taste. You will notice that more is better and that penetration is not the only source of pleasure.

7. Precautions
Not because it's your first time you forget to protect yourself. Always with a condom to prevent any sexually transmitted disease. Do not hesitate to talk to your partner. You can also think contraception. Take appointment with your GP who, after a complete check, you know prescribe the contraceptive pill that suits you.

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