Hot Waxing

Hot wax is an old technique, painful but effective way to get us out of trouble over at the time to shave legs and underarms English.

1. What is it?
Hot wax is melted resin encloses the hair, whether short, thin, long or heavy and uprooted.

Hot wax is present in small resin pellets to be melting. It is applied to the skin with a wooden spatula or a roll-on pouring a dose of wax. Once dry, dry with a pull start. Hot wax is the most effective because heat opens the pores of the skin and the hair comes more easily.

2. How to use
The skin must be clean and dry. You'll get better results if you exfoliate your skin the day before.

Heat the wax in an old pot or in a specific apparatus equipped with a thermostat to maintain the proper temperature wax. First checks its temperature on the back of the hand.
To shave your legs, apply the wax with a spatula on a strip (about 5cm long and 1cm thick). Start at the knee and goes down to the ankle in a single gesture. Tighten slightly with a spatula and wait for the wax does not stick to it to move to start the band with a dry jerk. Let the skin to cool before re-applying wax to review the area and get a perfect result. Follow the same procedure for other leg.

3. Tricks
If you start the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth (from ankle to knee), hair removal is effective but counter hair growth, you run the risk of forming inwhichthe and small grains. Therefore, it is best to throw the band in the same direction as the hair though, for best results, we have to go over the area several times.

4. Advantage
Hot wax is used to shave legs and underarms English.

5. Attention
Be careful not to burn yourself. Always test the wax temperature before using.

- Wait until the hair measures about 5mm and 6mm prior to shaving.
- For English pluck, cut with scissors first longer hair and exfoliates the area several days prior to waxing, to avoid so inwhichthe hair.
- You can choose the new "ready to use" pot to heat in the microwave that comes with strips of cloth, roll-on electric heating which comes with a thermostat that keeps the wax at a constant temperature .
- If the waxing is done in a beauty salon, make sure the wax is a single use, to prevent any infection of the skin.

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  1. Yes this is an old method yet very effective. I tried sugaring and wax strip but I preferred sugaring cause it is less painful and contains natural ingredients.