Sea water for cooking: Spice up your recipes!

The sea water for cooking is now a reality. The company Lactoduero Palencia creates trend and provides us with sea water bottle with its contents fully balanced in minerals.

The sea water is one of the basic ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine and has always been used in the recipe of the southern and the Spanish Levant. Now, you too can add to your dishes giving them a more intense flavor and more natural.

Try to boil sea water prawns, notice how the taste intensifies. Add it when you cook sea bass, gilt and generally, all kinds of seafood. Of course, do not miss the paella or fish stock ... When cooking with water similar to the natural habitat notice how the taste of these dishes is enhanced giving better quality.

Seawater contains many beneficial properties for our health. It contains calcium and magnesium and offers bottled all health and filtering. It's a healthy way to flavor foods, but not only reduces the culinary field. 

Sea water is also recommended for beauty treatments or home applications such as rinsing the hair, makeup remover, decongestant ...A world to discover!

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