Check The 10 Most Beautiful Islands in The World for Your Perfect Escape

The 10 most beautiful islands in response to the images they evoke, the views of the tourists themselves, the trips and here are the list:

01 .- Bora Bora is the perfect image of what we all consider an exotic island
paradise. Beaches with clear water, clean sand, coral,calm and relax ...


02 .- Easter Island: Perhaps your choice is based on the mystery of the famous moai
populate the island. His enigmatic mission has become an island remembered by all that even chose to be elected New Wonder of the World.

03 .- La Reunion Island: an island of contrasts, with exotic woods, but with volcanoes
assets inside, with beaches and the scenery is always inviting the Indian Ocean.

04 .- Bali: of course, could not miss. Sure you hear the name just think of exotic
dancers, in the ribbons of flowers around their necks, in Balinese music, on the beaches long and wide, in the rice fields dotting the landscape and of course, in their oriental temples.


05 .- Ko Samui, in Thailand. It is an island that retains its charm because it is not yet
tourist. We almost dare to say that the charm of the virgin islands and isolated.

06 .- Santorini, Greece. Oh, sunrise on Santorini. It is one of the most beautiful world. In the Cyclades, Santorini is an outbreak of white foam in the middle of a vast blue sea, deep blue as can be seen rarely, and with less blue sky, which is turns orange when sunrise and sunset. It's an oil, a box that explodes with color and flavor Traditional Greek.

07 .- La Digue, Seychelles Islands. All we know by the name of the group of islands:
Seychelles, but La Digue is the island known.
This group of islands is one of the most
requested by tourists.
08 .- Capri, Italy. It is the perfect image of the typical Mediterranean island located off the coast of Naples. An historic island where we can enjoy not only its past but also its natural wonders such as the Blue Grotto.
09 .- Galapagos Islands. For wildlife lovers, Galapagos represents a whole map
prehistoric animal. Apart from its spectacular seabed, also it is great for the turtles, iguanas and sea lions.
10 .- Djerba, Tunisia. We could not miss another one of those islands capable of mixing the Mediterranean style with Arabic. Djerba is known for its palm trees, olive trees and their homes and those typical Tunisian rural mosques deep blue.

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