Beautiful and Seductive Armpit


According to the beauty industry, the arms are considered one of the most beautiful and seductive female anatomy, which are made by sweat glands and covered with a delicate skin requires unique care. So we must devote as much attention as we do with our beauty such as makeup, hair care, skin care, facial, etc..Not to give us a dirty and neglected.

If your armpits look clean and sexy, being a very smooth and sensitive women. More and more men are attracted to this area during sex. A gentle touch with your fingers or tongue can be really nice. And believe it or not there are women who were glad that at the height of excitement I press certain points on the arm with the thumb.

These reactions and demands are because there are certain points in this area, the highest moment of excitement, help raise the level of pleasure and joy.
But it is worrying for people who have dark underarms and is a common problem in warm climates or in women with dark skin. The factors are different: genetics, accumulation of dead cells and others that can cause this condition. 

To do this we offer you some beauty tips so they look clean, beautiful and seductive.
1. To combat the dark tone of the armpits, you can use creams designed for facial blemishes.
2. Exfoliate regularly the armpits to remove dead cells that cause browning and smelly armpits.
3. Dissolve one teaspoon of baking soda in a small amount of water and the mixture washed armpits. On the other hand, if besides the spots, the skin is irritated or hurt you can be an allergic reaction to any medications they are taking so you should consult your doctor.
4. Also avoid the use of deodorants containing perfume because having contact with the sun can cause skin blemish
5. For waxing, women presenting with this feature must do with wax, which removes hair for weeks, and avoid the cream which contains harsh chemicals that can damage the skin.
6. Another big problem is the excessive sweating, which has the name of hyperhidrosis, a condition that affects many people that becomes a big problem. The product has been a revolution in this area has been the Botox. Through its deep intradermal administration in the affected area achieved a significant reduction in the amount of sweat, approximately 70%.
7. If you do not dare to Botox, you can also use strong anti-perspirants, which plug the sweat ducts. There are also some medications that help prevent the stimulation of these glands, such as Robinul. But the best part is that before applying any treatment to counter the disease, see a doctor to show you the treatment that best fits your body.

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