Tips to enjoy your Perfume to the last drop

To keep the aroma of your favorite perfume, there are some tips for you to enjoy its aroma to the last drop.

1. You should start your perfume to protect from heat and light, altering its components and accelerate decomposition. It is recommended to keep it in its box or cabinet.

2. It is advisable to keep the scent and use it for special occasions, because it contains natural ingredients and their shelf life is about two years.

3. If your favorite fragrance comes in large bottle, you can place a small amount in a small spray bottle and keep the largest protected from light and heat so not to spoil and lose its pleasant aroma.

4. Choose for original products and not illegal, because fakes one can not guarantee that it will stay the same as the original.

5. When you go traveling, do not take your perfume in your wallet, because the movement changes its formula and accelerate decomposition.

6. Dry skin does not retain the perfume either the oily skin . To lengthen its duration, apply ointment on the skin covered by a thin layer of moisturizer.

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