6 Men‘s Sex Secrets that Women are Not Allowed To Know

Did you know that men actually like cuddling after sex? Want to know another man's sex secrets that are hidden from you?

These six things about sex that he kept as secrets, as quoted by askdanandjennifer:

1. Men Like Hugging After Sex
During this time you know a man who likes to sleep straight or turned its back on her partner after sex. Yet according to the men, they not only want to do two things. Men also sometimes want to cuddle with her partner.

Above desire do not ever admit. He actually likes to sleep, hugging you. With a hug, he could smell her partner who could really like and can make sleep more soundly.

2. Men Will Not Be Aware About his spouse's downside If you are confident enough

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Indiana to prove women who feel positive and in love with his body and genitals, could have a better orgasm and often.

Confidence is not only useful to make you orgasm. With confidence as well, such as lack of fat in your belly or cellulite on the thighs also will not be realized by the couple.

3. Men do not Like Sex in the Bathroom
Many women find love in the bathroom is a very sexy activity. But in reality he does not think the same. Apparently men do not really like making love in unusual places.

Except in bed making love can be difficult for men to penetrate enough. Especially in the bathroom, sex activity can be dangerous because it can make you and your partner slip.

4. Men's hard Doing Naughty Flirt
Women think it's easy for the men say naughty seduction. When in fact, are also difficult to do so.

Men feel like diving embarrassment when saying naughty words to a partner. Especially if it turns out the man's seduction is revealed by outspoken.

Men also have trouble finding the right words to say Miss V or Mr. Happy. He worries that his words actually make you feel demeaned.

5. Sometimes Men even lazy to make love.
Although it feels odd, but in actual fact is a man not only think about sex and want to make love. Just like women, men sometimes lazy.
There are several reasons why men are reluctant to have sex with a partner such as fatigue, stress or the middle of many minds. 

6. Men Fear with his Spouse’s Sex Toys
Sex toys like vibrators can indeed make a woman get orgasm faster. But apparently such a device, this can also be scary for men.
Men worry about competing with those tools, which are powerful enough to make a woman orgasm. Men also worry about you so dependent on the vibrator to achieve orgasm.

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