3 Types of Food to be Avoided Before Sex

Many things can damage the intimate and romantic moments during sex, such as belching, flatulence or body odor smells.
Although impressed by the trivial, the two issues could make the couple lost the passion and not in the mood. 'Incident', can occur because the food you eat before sex.

Some foods can trigger flatulence and the smell of body odor. Therefore, that embarrassing incident did not happen, watch your diet before having sex. What foods to avoid? Here is the answer, as quoted from Helium.

1. Food Triggers Gas In Stomach
Beans, peas, broccoli and cabbage can produce excess gas in the stomach, which can lead to burping and flatulence. Obviously the incident could make you ashamed and activities of sex can fail just like that. Therefore, you should avoid these foods before sex.

2. Foods that cause unpleasant aroma
Types such as onion-garlic onions, shallots and onions make the breath becomes not fresh. Do not let your partner does not want to smell the aroma of onions that are too overpowering. Other foods that can leave a strong scent is red meat and eggs. Not just a breath, your body will spend less savory aroma that after eating these foods.

3. Heavy Food
Having Heavy Dinner can make you weak, sleepy and lazy. Types of heavy foods that contain carbohydrates, greasy foods and meat. We recommend that before making love, choose chicken or fish processed foods that can satiate but did not make the stomach feel too full. You also avoid the drowsiness and lethargy, and lovemaking can 'walk' properly.

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