10 Gestures That Will Conquer Your Man

Be smart and be at your feet
As they say, men are simpler than we do. Honey, laughter and lots of sex are the perfect formula to make them happy. If you just meet someone, put into practice the ten keys that you give and you drop to your feet.

1. Sexy girl
 They like us too much makeup and women arranged, but that a stroll through the house with plush pajamas is a big difference. Your motto? Be sexy. Wherever you are. Get the other men look at you and not yours to take your eyes off him. Take care, first you and then he will make you feel more sure of yourself and he will notice.

2. Make him laugh
We always say we like men who make us laugh. They also love women happy, fun, they are always in good humor. If having fun with you, I've won since the first day. But it lasts, you will not feel cheated when time passes. Try waking up in a good mood, to relativize the problems and not fall into the drama. If you do, you will be your best friend.

3. Give sex
For a man, sex is almost 80% of a relationship. If you have good bed, the rest can be arranged. They do not understand that at first all women seem crazy to sleep with it and eventually be lost libido. If you know the saying about those who are married, do you to be the exception and will eat from your hand. And do not forget to praise his skills as never lover.

4. You do not want commitment
 If you want to go crazy, say from the outset that costs you tie someone, you do not take well the commitment, you need freedom and do not want anything serious. His interest in you will multiply exponentially. Moreover if you never spoke to formalize the relationship, have children or present to your family.

5. Give freedom
But you ask for it and because you also need it. Do not put any problem getting out with friends or take a break, even for being a friend and even a former girlfriend. If you encourage him, tell him you enjoy and get excited about their plans even if you do not participate in them will not want to come off on your side. And if you also exercise this freedom, you realize that you do not need and do not want to separate from you.

6. Do we see the football?

When you party, buying beer and snacks and tell him to invite his friends home. If you can watch football with him and also you have a good, you can not deny anything. And if one day surprised him with tickets to go see his team for basketball, racing or tennis, it will ask marriage. Psst. If he has seen the football off, wait at home wearing only the shirt on your computer.

7. Make him dinner
 It's a classic, but men are still through his stomach, especially in times of fast foods and frozen. If you get to the table prepared and cooked food, will run from work to home. And if the menu is "happy ending" that is, you're the dessert, you want to ask you for marriage.

8. Do not get mad
Men hate arguing about nonsense and lose the nerves when we cry to soften. Be smart and breaks with the female stereotype. Do not be angry without a major, you're not susceptible, no scenes or mountains cry for anything and be your best friend. When you get home tired, stressed and quiet, let him rest, they hate to talk non-stop and ask them to listen to us when they are with the TV remote in hand.

9. Improvise
Work Monday through Friday, go shopping on Saturday morning, sorting the garage in the afternoon to eat at your parents house on Sunday ... That life may end up boring everyone. Leave the house and get out of routine. Who wants to go to the supermarket when you can go take rods with friends? Or weekend, or tennis, or cinema. Unpredictable for him and I know you will love.

10. Reproach

He was wrong, what went wrong, do not be ignored ... but do not blame him. No phrase they hate more than "I told you so." If you change a "nothing happens", "can happen to anyone" or simply did not even tell, your opinion is sacred to him. Forgive, forget, flows and can not help falling in love with you.

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