Chocolate, Sex Excellent Complement

Already spoken several times of the aphrodisiac chocolate from their perspective and here we propose to go beyond using it as if it were a sexual toy. Its components are an exciting and quite another thing what you do with this delicious delicacy.

They say that chocolate is a good substitute for sex so you have antidepressant, which releases a substance called serotonin in the brain assimilates the pleasure. In this case, intended to replace sex for chocolate, but the power with him. Try to innovate in bed with a tasty new element that we propose.

When in the preliminaries and go encouraging thing is good that the games begin. In another article I speak of the Shunga products, including a magnificent bottle of chocolate syrup accompanied with a delicate brush to write with words of love on the lover's body. This can lead to a new and original experience ... well, what you write can be removed easily with the help of your tongue. Use the chocolate in bed is very simple and can be easily improvised. At your disposal you have syrups and creams cocoa industry that can act as sexual supplement.

Grab the cocoa butter and distribute it by the most erogenous zones of your comrades. Those points do know that it melts. Then, take a good licking chocolate binge corners where you've placed. Let your partner do the same, sure that you are passionate about both. It may be a goo, but the bed should not be too fussy. On the contrary. There are also studies that say that chocolate stimulates the brain, so that sexual motivation can grow if we combine our relationships with some of this delicacy.

Take your imagination and make relationships fun
If you do not like chocolate, or think you've abusade too much of it in your relationships, you can use any candy you love. For example, a little honey or maple syrup is most appropriate. Although you can draw on anything at any given time, jam, peanut butter ... or even champagne. From what is encouraging is the preliminary cooking fun accessories. Always keep in the cupboard a bottle of cocoa butter or derivatives, you never know how it will devise a night of passion. Of course, do not ever eat it!

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