Women’s Secret to Fine Arms

Thinking that shoulder exercise is only for men? Of course not! During a shoulder workout, the shoulders become more defined, thus resulting to more attractive arms for women. More than that, well-exercised shoulders help women perform their daily tasks better due to their stronger posture.

The round and lean shoulders that most women hate are often due to the absence of shoulder training. But hey, remember that shoulders are delicate and very prone to injury so it’s important to know your own capacity and at the same time, train with proper care. The last thing we would want to have are injured shoulders that would hinder us from doing our daily tasks, right?

With well-curved shoulders, women can actually wear anything they desire especially those that bare more of their arm skin. Halter tops, off-shoulder blouses, tube outfits – yes, wear them all! Here are some of the most recommended shoulder exercises that ladies may perform:

Dumbbell exercise - women

Shoulder Exercise 1: Bent-Over Dumbbell Raise

•Hold the dumbbells with palms facing towards you.

•Bend over and keep your legs straight.

•Lift the dumbbells either simultaneously or using one arm after another.

•Pause for at least one second before slowly lowering down the dumbbells.

Shoulder Exercise 2: Side Shoulder Raise

•Stand straight and hang your arms in front of you.

•Lift both dumbbells to your sides up until your shoulder level.

•Keep your elbows crooked a bit.


•Slowly lower the dumbbells down to your initial position.

Shoulder Exercise 3: Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

•Sit on a bench and hold the dumbbells.

•Fix your elbows at a 30 degree angle with your palms facing out at a shoulder level.

•Lift the weights over your head until arms are completely stretched.

•Lower the dumbbells down to your initial position.

Shoulder Exercise 4: Wide Grip Upright Row

•Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart.

•Hold the dumbbells with palms facing inward.

•Lift the weights up to your chin until elbows are bent sideward.

•Pause for a few seconds and lower down the dumbbells to your initial position.

Shoulder Exercise 5: Wall Push-Up

•Stand in front of the wall and place your palms on it, with hands shoulder-width apart.

•Bend your elbows as you bring your face at least 1 inch closer to the wall.

•Push slowly until your elbows are completely straight.

•Keep your body straight throughout the exercise, not allowing your hips or butt to come forward.

Well-shaped and perfectly-defined shoulders are just a few exercises away from you. With these exercises appropriately performed, there is no doubt that you will achieve the results that you have long been waiting for. To know more about the shoulder exercises that is right for you.

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