List of Foods that can improve your Sexual Life

1. Vitamin E: you can find in the asparagus and avocados. This vitamin is one of the best to increase your libido as it helps to release hormones that increase sexual responses, these are: testosterone, progesterone and Among other effects, can cause enlargement of the clitoris and enhance vaginal lubrication .

2. Potassium: Bananas contain potassium, very good for muscle strength. This is one of the ideal sex tricks to increase your libido and among his effects to see how your contractions in achieving orgasm are much more intense.
3. Zinc: Oysters contain high levels of zinc, and also increase your sexual libido because zinc increases the presence of testosterone, and links an increased sex drive (but leave a little expensive, it's worth ...)

4. Omega-3 Salmon, walnuts or pumpkin seeds contain omega-3, a substance that increases the production of sex hormones.
5. Antioxidants: Antioxidants protect blood vessel walls, allowing more blood pass, so you have greater sensitivity in the genitals. They can be found in pomegranate and red wine.

6. Phenylethylamine: This chemical is found in cocoa and is a stimulant that causes a sense of comfort and excitement.

7. Capsaicin: A substance found in certain foods like hot peppers and promotes circulation and stimulates the nerve endings more excited. If you want to increase your libido: a Mexican recipe can be a good option.

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