Practices come to Perfection

You can have sex as much as a man. There is a reason for this: Men have more testosterone, one of the reasons for wanting more sex.

Well we have good news for you turn you can often enhance your sex life and make it more like a man. 

1. The orgasm helps women to produce testosterone and make you want to have sex more often.
This means that when you're with your boyfriend, you should regularly climax. Furthermore, masturbation is a great way to experiment and discover what you like best.
2. Do not cut and try different techniques alone.
A position that provides much pleasure lie face down with your legs closed. Slide your hands between your legs, press your clitoris with your fingers or make circular movements or from front to back, causing friction that will do wonders.

3. You can also test your orgasmic potential in the bathtub.
Lie with your legs open under the faucet so that water lands on the clitoris. The constant pressure of hot water can be more effective than the fingers. Or try to put a towel over the armrest of your couch, sit down as if riding on it and move back and forth, using the weight of your body to adjust the pressure you want on your clit.

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