Three Popular Feminine Tattoos

Women are generally delicately built in comparison to men and thus prefer tattooing designs that are delicate. They prefer to ink delicate designs of butterflies, flowers and angels on their skin.

Women usually like small and delicate designs of body art on their skin but there are even many women who love inking bold and large feminine tattoos like men. Now let us read about some of the most popular feminine tattoo designs that will never grow old with time.

1. Hearts are a symbol of love. The heart shaped tattoos are usually seen to be worn by the bearer with the name of their loved one. These feminine tattoos are the trend of twentieth century and are generally seen with flames, which make this body art more passionate. Have you seen a heart tattoo with roses? This design is also very popular among women. However, some of the other heart tattoo designs that have gained recognition among womenfolk include sacred heart, pierced heart, cupid heart, Celtic heart, broken heart and many others.

2. Flowers are associated with femininity and when it comes to tattoo designs women get a wide range of designs to choose from. Roses, cherry blossoms, lilies, sunflowers, daisies and lotus are some of the popular most flower tattoos that have gained recognition among womenfolk of recent times. Each and every flower tattoo has a deep symbolic meaning. For instance, roses are a symbol of passion and love. Pink roses particularly are a symbol of adoration and grace while white ones represent innocence and eternal love. Cherry blossoms depict love and transitivity of life in Chinese and Japanese culture respectively. Lilies symbolize purity whereas lotus flower represent spirituality. So, you can choose the flower tattoo design accordingly keeping in mind the meaning of the body art.

3. Star tattoo designs are the best choice. Since they are small in size, they can be placed on any part of the body and even be combined up with other designs like moon and fairies. These body art designs come in various patterns and styles like Star of David, shooting tattoo or Nautical star. The last pattern is very popular among women and can be placed on different parts of the body like ankle, neck, hips, wrist etc. Star tattoos are generally known for their history and symbolic meanings.

If you want to get your body part tattooed with any of these feminine designs, look for a professional tattoo artist. Only a professional artist knows how to make the beautiful body part more passionate and unique.

When choosing the design for your body, just don't for the one that looks good, choose the one that go well along with your personality. Always remember one that after you get inked-its removal process is very painful. In fact, it is more painful than getting tattooed itself.

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