Breast Cancer - Metastatic Disease

Breast cancer is a metastatic disease as it can spread beyond the original organ. Bone, liver, lung and brain are the more common sites of metastasis and different symptoms occur in this stage.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer:

In a self-examining test, one can feel and see the following symptoms of breast cancer
Swelling or lump (mass) in the breast
Swelling in the armpit (lymph nodes)
Nipple discharge (clear or bloody)
Pain in the nipple
Inverted (retracted) nipple
Scaly or pitted skin on nipple
Persistent tenderness of the breast
Unusual breast pain or discomfort

Symptoms Seen On Breast Imaging:

The following symptoms are seen on breast imaging:
Microcalcifications in tight clusters
Dense mass with spiky outline
Symptoms of Advanced (Metastatic) Breast Cancer:

Metastatic breast cancer is the most advanced stage of breast cancer. In this stage, the cancer spreads beyond the breast and underarm lymph nodes into other parts of the body. The symptoms occur in this stage are

Bone pain (bone metastases)
Shortness of breath (lung metastases)
Drop in appetite (liver metastases)
Unintentional weight loss (liver metastases)
Headaches, neurological pain or weakness (could be brain metastases)

Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) and its Symptoms:

In inflammatory breast cancer, lump doesn’t appear and in this aggressive breast cancer, the cancer cells grow in sheets instead of lumps, and it gradually invades nearby skin, like a rash.

A sudden increase in mature breast size
Continuous Itching in the skin of the breast that is not reduced by pills or creams
A change in the breast skin color, resulting in pink, red, or dark-colored areas
Breast is excessively warm to the touch, or harder or firmer than usual
Unusual pain, which occurs out of the regular cycle
Sometimes a change in skin texture, similar to the skin of an orange
Breast skin ulcers

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