Protect Skin From The Sun And Harmful Chemicals With Green People Natural Sun Creams

As the weather starts to warm up again Green People are urging people to start to think about sun protection. There is no better way to protect adult or child skin from the sun’s harmful rays than by using organic and natural sun cream, and Green People’s range of natural sun creams make protecting your skin from both the sun and nasty chemicals easier than ever before.

This product-winning No Scent Sun Lotion SPF25 is a water resistant organic sun lotion that offers broad spectrum UVA & UVB protection with antioxidants and vitamins A, C & E to help support the skin’s immune system and protect against cell damage. Made without essential oils, this sun lotion is perfect for sensitive skin and those prone to eczema and prickly heat. The No Scent organic sun cream is available in travel-size or a family tube (£17.95 for 200ml or £9.95 for 50ml).

Organic Children’s Sun Lotion SPF25 (£15.95 for 150ml) has won a prestigious beauty award from Natural Health Magazine and a Green Living ‘BEST in test’ Recommendation! Green Living is a Norwegian organisation set up to ensure that it will be easier for the consumer to make environmentally friendly choices in everyday life. They checked the contents of the 12 types of sun cream for children available on the Norwegian market.

The products were ranked and evaluated based on potential health and environmental hazards on the basis of content declared and measured. Green People’s children’s natural sun cream is made without Parabens, artificial perfumes, petrochemicals or colourants for the purest and most natural children’s sun cream available. Several of the other sun lotions for children however, were found to contain potentially allergy-causing, hormone-disrupting and environmentally harmful substances.

Another popular sun cream by Green People is the Sun Lotion SPF15 with tan accelerator, which contains Carob Tree Extract to naturally stimulate your own Melanin. This natural ingredient speeds up the tanning process by 25% and reduces tan-fade rates by almost 50% (£17.95 for 200ml).

Green People is proud to offer one of the only natural and organic suncare ranges in the UK. All of our products provide unbeatable cover for radiant skin and high performance using effective natural ingredients. Ingredients such as the mineral Titanium Dioxide, Cinnamic acid (from cinnamon oil) and Edelweiss extract naturally defend against UVA & UVB rays, offering effective, broad spectrum protection.

Other ingredients in our organic sun cream range include:

• Avocado oil, which is rich in fatty acids and Vitamins A, C & E. These plump the skin and help to prevent wrinkles, while also deeply nourishing the skin. They protect against free radical damage and work with the natural sun filters to increase your protection.
• Green Tea, Olive and Rosemary Oils which offer natural antioxidants to help support the skin’s immune system and protect against cell damage, and helping to avoid premature ageing too.
• Berry Wax which offers natural water resistant properties without pore blocking.

Charlotte Vøhtz, founder of Green People, said:
“Reconsider what goes on and in your body. By adopting a more organic lifestyle you will soon begin to feel, and see a real difference”.

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