The best way to understand a female discharge

It doesn't always mean that there is something wrong or you have an infection if you're having a female discharge. I know it can be alarming if you have never had one before.

A clear thin discharge is perfectly normal before and after you menstrual cycle. This discharge may last a few days and then clear up on its own.

We can identify two completely different types of infections through your female discharge. These very common infections are a yeast and a bacterial, each one has a different color and odor.

A light white almost clear to a thick bright white discharge with the consistency of cottage cheese is a candida infection. This should have very little to no odor and be quite itchy around the vagina. It is the most common symptom of a yeast infection.

This type of female discharge is really easy to clear up the symptoms. However you should take care to make sure you have killed all the candida in your system to insure you won't get one again. These types of yeast infections are very frustrating to keep dealing with and even though some over the counter medications will clear the symptoms fast they don't cure the root of the problem.

A word to the wise a yeast infection can be sexual transmitted between you and your partner. Yep, you guessed it I found that out the hard way. Me and my husband were had no idea that could happen. So I gave it to him and cured myself only to have him give it right back to me. Men generally don't have symptoms of a yeast infection and just carry it. Of course the was before i knew the real trick to just kill all the candida in your entire body. The funny thing is it's so simple with the right program and I was working so hard for a cure before. I just never knew.

If you are having a light yellow to a dark yellow brownish color discharge with more of a liquid texture and a bad odor then you have bacterial vaginosis. A bacterial infection may have light itchiness but the odor is the embarrassing symptom here. The easiest way to tell a bacterial infection in bye the odor and the off white color.

The easiest mistake I see made with a bacterial infection is treating it like a yeast infection. You just cannot cure bacterial vaginosis with a yeast infection cure, it won't work. Bacterial vaginosis is very common and can be cured form the privact of your own home, you just have to use the right method.

Now bacterial vaginosis is not spread easily through sexual intercourse like a yeast infection might. However it can cause a multitude of problems for you, especially if you are pregnant. So I would suggest you get this cleared up as soon as possible and besides it's really easy to cure if you just follow the right steps. There is no sense in having this any longer now that you know what it is.

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