Applying Sexy Massages

In fact almost all massage can become erotic, depends on the masseuse, or who receives it and want it touching and rubbing the finish whetting the appetite or stimulating sexual fantasies.

The effectiveness of these massages depends largely on the skill of hands and fingers to rhythmically press the partner's body, combining all the existing arrangements and enhance the ultimate pleasure. It is important to maintain a steady cadence and slow movements, making sure they glide smoothly over the body, a pressure always nice and stable.

There are several massage techniques to apply, but the four mention below are especially recommended for those seeking an erotic purpose:

1. Kneading: It is very useful in more muscular areas like hips and thighs. The effect can be varied by changing the speed and depth: deep, slow or fast and shallow. Is to lift, push and roll the flesh between the thumb and fingers of one hand, sliding his other hand.

2. Wave Massage: This technique is done by bending the fingers into a fist-cup, holding half of the fingers pressing the skin, and making small circular movements. It is very pleasant if received in the shoulders, palms, feet and breasts.

3. Windy Action: It consists in giving gentle taps on the body, alternating hands, thumbs and fingers inward together. These movements stimulate rapid, light and cool the skin.

4. Taps: It is indicated for fleshy and muscular areas, is done with closed fists, and is to give light, but energetic, bumps on the skin, alternating front and back fist. It should be on the final phase of massage since it's the most exciting of all.

Now it is time to start:

1. Wash and dry hands thoroughly. Have on hand a massage lubricant that you have added two drops of essential oil of cinnamon, a powerful aphrodisiac.

2. Put your face down and pat couple, applying some force with your fingers, back, shoulders, arms, buttocks, thighs and calves. This lets your partner begins to relax.

3. Combines the four techniques described above and is getting close, do not massage directly to the erogenous zones of your partner.

4. Once you started the massage does not stop, with rubbed Continual rhythmic and alternating short massages with the longest and vice versa.

5. Use your body weight rather than using the strength of your arms, and try not to lean completely on the bed or massage table.

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