10 Great Tips to Regain Warm Moments with your Partner.

Life is a project; our intimate life is too, needs to have aims and goals. It is always necessary to give some push to regain the desire and passion in sex. It's time to be a woman a little more daring to break the routine and conquer new frontiers in sex. Here are 10 great tips to regain warm moments with your partner.

1. Forget the tiredness and stress
The worst enemies of sex include stress, responsibilities, lack of sleep and fatigue. And women suffer all these problems very often.

Do not forget that sex is one of the best natural relaxants. If you spend so much energy at work, why not make a little more effort to have a nice sexual moment? Every day at any age, wake up too late to eroticism, do not let your life be like a robot that just works and sleeps. It is because it takes years to your partner that you are no longer wishes and attractive woman. It does not take measures model to awaken the passion of your partner. Boost your self-esteem, that will make you more receptive to sex. Try some of the beauty treatments or massage. And repeat after me: I'm sexy!

2. Take the initiative in sex
Demonstrate your desires is the best way to warm up your partner's wishes. The routine always makes us invent an excuse like "better tomorrow". Surprise your man with a special attitude, an intimate love when you least expect.

Take the initiative will reinforce your image as a lover in the eyes of your partner. For example, tell him to stop the car when you go traveling and ask him to make love, grab it in the elevator or in a public bathroom. Do not limit your sexual desires, it is time to do crazy things for love.

3. Make love more often
Those old days, sex in the car, at home, on the beach, night, day ... And why not now increase the frequency of your sex? Regain your sexual spirit when you were young and surprise your partner renewing your sexual appetite. Not a sin to say "I want more sex!". You're not dead.

4. Meets your partner's sexual desires
Are there any sexual desire that your partner has asked you many times and have not wanted to do? For example, fellatio or anal sex? Think again, do not be ashamed or slow down by certain prejudices, if you want, go ahead.

5. Confess your sexual fantasies
Come to hear and confess your lover your sexual fantasies, sure with a bit of seduction he is ready to make them happen. The easy and fun it is to fulfill desires in bed.

6. Whether a woman thinks about sex
Thinking about sex makes you want to have more sex. The imagination is free to dream of wonderful sexual situations. It is also good to remember great moments of love. If you want, feel free and masturbate, contrary to what many think, that you will have more desire for sex with your partner. If your libido has decreased impúlsala, imagining new situations, rent erotic movies ...

7. Do not always love the same way
Looking for more information about sex and you will find many different positions for sexual intercourse. Stances, techniques, new tricks will improve your sex life. Do the same every day is boring. Looking to read the Kama Sutra, tantric sex knowledge, there are thousands of possibilities to open new frontiers in sex.

8. Two orgasms are better than one
Having an orgasm is much easier than you think. The female body is blessed and ready to be multi-orgasmic. It's just a matter of practice, when you reach the climax, do not stop, still stimulating; you may find that you are a super woman multi orgasmic.

9. Buy yourself sex toys
Sex toys are great fun and highly recommended are a weapon to revive your sex life and achieve new heights of pleasure.

Forget prejudice, two adults have the right to enjoy more sex. Visit a sex shop with your partner, there are tasty things for him and for you. Return shopping venues.

10. Walking and sex tours
An amazing trip to be alone is an aphrodisiac. When have you been alone with your partner in an idyllic place last? Prepare a short trip where the primary goal is sex, and sex is the second objective, the third well. Choose a good hotel with Jacuzzi in the room and lock yourself in your lover to make love. No children, no hurry, only two.

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