Cosmetics for Erotic Passion Nights

Inspiring and conducive to intimate moments, the Edo Period Gardens fed the erotic world of the lovers who let themselves be carried away by the licentiousness of those gardens. The natural aromas mingle with the ritual of love and lead the lovers to enjoy their passion in all its fullness.

Inspired by that time, Condoms & Co presents a new collection of products for intimate moments, 'Garden of Edo'. The kit, which goes for 99 euros, includes items made from carefully selected ingredients and certified organic, dedicated to lovers of nature and love. 

1. Erotic Massage Oil 
Combining 100% natural oils and organic and flavored with an exotic green tea flavor, which gives a delicious taste and makes it totally edible. It also provides a natural hydration plus the skin and offers both a creamy texture for long lasting sensual massage.

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2. Salt flavored and sparkling 'East Crystals' 
Composed of 100% natural minerals from the Dead Sea and scented lotus, this salt allows total relaxation and gives the skin a silky smooth caress leaving for the moments of total privacy.

3. Gel sensitizing 'Lotus Noir' 
This gel is made of 100% organic glycerin and a natural derivative of corn. It also has Vitamin E 100% natural and damiana extract, a plant known for their aphrodisiac qualities and ability to improve sexual functions of women and men.

4. Aphrodisiac oil 'intimate kisses 
Oil made out of 100% glycerin with a delicious organic green tea taste exotic. Give a warming effect and applied on the sensitive areas, transform and extend the run as part of the pleasure guaranteed.

5. Organic lubricant formula 
Created using 100% organic glycerin and a natural derivative of corn. In harmony with nature and sexual well-being, is perfectly suited to the sensitivity of the vaginal flora and plays the woman's natural lubrication.

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