The Importance of Pelvic Floor Exercises

With the arrival of summer, the couples’s free time to spend more time together and enjoy sex is longer. 

But something has changed. Women are not going to see for fear of losing their partners because they have taken control of their sexuality and sexually demanding quality.

But what most women do not know is that much of female sexual dysfunction improves with pelvic floor exercises.

In addition, these exercises improve vaginal lubrication and elasticity. Sometimes, this lubrication is altered by changes such as using a hormonal contraceptive methods, the use of the pill or the ring, presence of fungi or irritation, stress, etc..

According to sexologist Marta Ibáñez, a toned and elastic pelvic floor provides a greater quality of our sex. Therefore, pelvic floor exercises are the keys in improving the satisfaction of women.

The reason is that the exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscle tone pubo-vertebra, also called 'love muscle'. This muscle is the most important of which form the pelvic floor, but it is also responsible for the contractions of the vagina. Therefore plays a key role in sex.

Through the exercises is improved functioning of the glands responsible for production of lubricating fluid. So, shortly after starting the routine pelvic floor exercises, we will notice an increased lubrication and sensitivity will improve our sexual relationships.

Many women with orgasm problems or create a never failing, would notice great improvement to strengthen the pelvic floor, since these muscles are contracting and relaxing in the moment of orgasm. If you are healthy and exercised, the feeling is much more intense and the duration of orgasms is greater.

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