The Importance to take Regular Mammography

One of the evils that are taking over the women of our age is breast cancer, and what is worse, the lack of prevention is what is causing more difficulties, causing deaths and operations that could have been solved with a diagnosis time. One of the biggest mistakes women is expected to have some sort of disease to assist the gynecologist to perform a breast exam. It is essential to know that breast cancer can be prevented if we have regular monitoring and prolonged.
Mammography is the most effective test to detect breast cancer, and therefore all women should go at least every two years to perform. There are different gynecology professionals differ in the proper age to be tested, but what everyone agrees is that the disease gets worse over the years. Thus, all women between 50 and 69 should have a mammogram even though they have had no prior symptoms. For their part, women between 40 and 50 should have mammograms regularly, preferably every year. However, these data do not relieve the youngest to go to the clinic regularly to have controlled their breast health.
Why mammogram?
The essential reason for the mammogram is performed to detect lesions in the breast up to two years before they become palpable meaning to be tested, if tested positive, it would be possible to apply less aggressive treatments, such as If conservative surgery, which leaves less physical and psychological sequel in women.
In addition, the breast exam is painless and is a very simple procedure and completely harmless, because the dose of radiation used in mammography is minimal. Therefore, although self-examination has no contraindications, is more, it is recommended to have control over one's body, obviously not as reliable as the opinion of a doctor.
It is advisable to keep the appointment the week after menstruation, because that is when desinflaman mammary gland, being less dense. Professionals warn that you should avoid use of all types of deodorants, perfumes and colognes both armpits and chest, as this could cause a false positive when creating an image spot on the mammogram.

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