Home Tricks to have a Firm and Toned Breasts

When talking about the breasts, many grandmothers of yesteryear used to say "better to have that desire." And then demanded fashion women large breasts and opulent. The important thing, however, is not the size but firmness.
'Breasts' with lemon
Have on hand a lemon? And a bottle of rum? No, we will give you the recipe for a cocktail, but a lotion that will leave the breasts firm. Mix lemon juice with a tablespoon of rum. Apply this lotion with a cotton pad avoiding breast nipple area. Leave on for ten minutes and rinse with cold water. Repeat the application every other day for a couple of weeks.
The Mask of Clay
The mask of clay, as well go for the facial skin, it also serves to tone the breasts. Make it yourself by mixing 100 grams of clay with a beaten egg white. Blend well and apply on the breast with a brush in a circular motion and without covering the nipple. Twenty minutes Remove with warm water.
Cold, cold ..
Some grandmothers explained that, when it snowed in the village, the girls caught snow applied to the chest to get home. You can do the same but instead of waiting for snow, apply ice wrapped in plastic and in a thin towel.

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