Different places to making love


Making love in a bed can be very pleasurable because it gives us the privacy we want with our partner, and we can enjoy all sorts of positions and it is the most comfortable place.

This same convenience can turn a disadvantage, because most couples get bored of doing the same thing and want to try something new in sex. For this reason, having sex in other places can add the missing spark engagement, along with two accomplices and satisfied smiles. Indulge your imagination and your partner asks you to make your fantasies reality both as yours.

Places for making love
1.    One of the most dreamed is on the park, and we understand why. It is a totally comfortable with the best views: the stars.

2.    Other couples prefer to imagine themselves in a store fitting rooms. It is a very common fantasy, due to morbid curiosity that gives the four mirrors around.

3.    More common is at sea or in a pool, but perhaps more romantic is the beach. In any case, having sex under water is the fantasy of many women, especially in summer. You can even try on the sand of the beach. Or in a jacuzzi!

4.    In a tent is another fantasy summer. For those who have decided to save this holiday and have found an alternative to the hotel, a tent is the ideal place to have moments alone.

5.    There are also couples who fantasize about having sex in the back row of a cinema, on the bus or a train, in the bathroom of a bar or a nightclub, in the privacy of a car ... Or even on the stairs or on a boat. Whatever the place of our fantasies, in any case we disturb anyone, and we must keep in mind that it may fine.

Having sex in a public place gives much morbidity as always run the risk that we may see. However, also at home we can choose to amazing places. To escape the routine of doing it in the same room and in the same bed, no need to look more hidden stairs of a shopping center or wait for the photo booth is no longer busy: we can get carried away by our own imagination and having sex against the wall near a window above the washing machine ...

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