In sex, Women are more Tactile but Men are more Visual

If we wonder why men enjoy pornography while women opted for romantic books with the occasional erotic episode, a simple explanation can give us the answer. Women looking for a relationship, while men are satisfied with sex, and while that excites them the photograph of a naked woman, we would be indifferent to a naked and instead see that man with a woman we would like to the simple fact that makes us think that it is a relationship.
The visual and tactile
Men are much more visual than women, and this is proved by a study of 1920, by interviewing hundreds of Americans. Helen Fisher, in his book 'The first sex'o, explains how the 65 percent of men interviewed admitted to having gossiped through the window of his bedroom, while only two out of ten women had.
The effect of an erotic picture is not so shocking for a woman who needs a pornographic movie in an argument or a romantic story. The man however merely to enjoy the sex scenes. Our fantasies include, in general, words of affection and commitment. Women are more physical: in a fantasy, we perceive the smell of a burning candle, or a ballad in the background, and prefer a hug and kisses.
The permanence versus physical
Yet another explanation could establish the reason for this difference. A man sees with his own eyes a potential partner is strong, fast, and young. And when they consider the size of the breast is because he thinks that the child will need the optimal feeding. In short, he can determine visually whether the candidate could have a healthy infant.
Women, however, prefer to see the man which is not only strong, fast and young, but will continue be at your side to provide security and protection and care for their children. In short, you see that he will not leave. It is for this reason that many women wait until they get to know a man until you feel really know something strong, before having the first intercourse.
It is a fact that men are more visual in sex while women are more tactile, but these explanations lead us to discover who we are, completely different and compatible. And maybe it's true: they are from Mars and we are from Venus.

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