Relax Time: Watching the 'Person of Interest' TV Series with your Partner

Series 13th released on October,6th  the next sensation of the season, 'Person of interest'.
'Person of interest' is a production of J.J. Abrams ('Lost,' 'Alias,' 'Fringe') to be issued by Bad

Robot Productions CBS in the disputed strip of prime time on Thursdays.
After obtained the best results in tests carried out to a small group of spectators in the last 15 years, 'Person of interest' moves to Wednesdays at 'CSI', thus becoming the big bet of the chain for the season.

The series revolves around Reese (Jim Caviezel), a former CIA agent who had been presumed dead. Reese lives his life on the margins of society until a mysterious billionaire, Mr. Finch (Michael Emerson), proposes a partnership to solve violent crimes in an unusual way.

Using data from U.S. intelligence agencies, the mysterious Finch is able to identify a "person of interest ', someone who will be involved in crime either as victim, witness or a perpetrator. 

Through information obtained from this great contemporary brother, Reese must figure out where and how to perpetrate the crime, and try to avoid it.

Thus, viewers will be offered a new case each week that Reese and Finch will compete in a race against time. With these premises, 'Person of interest' combines the usual elements of procedural structure with a radically new approach, which incorporates current issues such as privacy, justice, fate, precognition or social control.

Happy Watching!

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