The Art of Seduction

Some believe it is equivalent to seduce with the look, but the fact is that seduction has nothing to do with the eyes, except perhaps to look into his eyes transmit trust, security and interest. 

To seduce is not necessary to take a course or read a book, or be who we are: it is enough to be yourself and follow these simple steps. And remember that every woman can seduce.

A useful tip is to be fun. Always smile, because that way you will be seen always happy, and nobody misses a quality like that. Whenever possible, make him laugh. Above all, try to let your insecurity at home and convey a lot of confidence, do not think you are judging and do not be nervous, but be yourself.

Show curiosity
Show yourself curious about his hobbies, his work, his life ... Ask him whatever you want to be aware of it, and listen carefully. You will find that you are interested in it. If you find that you're listening, you know you're a good person. Imagine what he would think if you talk for an hour without giving the opportunity to open your mouth! Think you are selfish. Meet the person all you can, and let yourself know and tell your life too.

Be Humble
Nobody likes a girl believed that boasts of good luck you have had in life or with the kids. No need to show insecure, but humble. Try to talk but do not talk too much about you, or get the message wrong.

Become difficult
We all know that when someone has it easy, you lose interest. If we show from the beginning that we love, and not hide the fact that deep down we hope to spend many years with him, it is likely that these years will not happen.
It is important to be a little disinterested, and that is like a game we can be interested, but when we see that he shares our same interest, we will leave a little. So keep your attention. You have to make him see that you could live without it, and so want to be with you.

Take risks
Be impulsive! When you see your time has come, do not hesitate to tell when you would like to stay with him another day, and show what you've had a great time with him. Do not hesitate to have some details with him, if not excessive, and no waiting all day by the phone willing it to ring. Take a chance and call!

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