Skin Gels Product that give your skin Moisture throughout the day

Need a moisturizer that gives skin moisture throughout the day, but still lightweight and comfortable to use?

Means you need to peek at our product recommendations this time. Biotherm beauty brands, L'Oreal and H2O + has a water-based moisturizer with a light gel formula.
Not only comfortable on the skin surface, the benefits of minerals from the sea in making these three products can provide nutrients to the skin in depth and long lasting. Select the most appropriate to the needs of your skin.

1. Biotherm Aquasource Deep Hydration Gel
Biotherm formula presents the latest in products moisturizer, Aquasource. This formula is claimed to be able to maintain hydration in the five deepest layers of skin. Gel-cream texture is light and comfortable when touching the skin.
Mannose containing the active ingredient, the active ingredient that can moisturize the skin to the core layer of the epidermis, lock it, so the skin moist longer up to 24 hours. Enriched with Thermal Plankton and water that helps stimulate cellular renewal of epidermal cells, prevent loss of moisture to the skin surface. Get Biotherm Aquasource in stores at a price of about USD 53.
2. L'Oreal Hydrafresh Anti-Shine Hydrating Gel Icy
Made of water content of pure mineral-rich sea, this product can make the skin moist all day without leaving sheen on the face. Rich in minerals from deep sea water such as magnesium and calcium. It also contains vitamins C, E and B5. Gel texture initially, soon united as water when applied to the skin.
L'Oreal Hydrafresh, a lasting moisturizer without getting sticky and greasy face all day long. Suitable for combination skin, oily or can be used in hot and humid climates. It can be purchased at the booth or counter L'Oreal, the price is about USD 18.
3. H2O + Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment
This oil-free moisturizing gel provides deep moisture to the skin while reducing fine lines. Mineral nutrients from the sea to minimize the appearance of fine lines and stimulates new cell growth. Minerals essential to work with Sea Mineral Complex formulas, essential nutrients needed to ensure the skin is absorbed faster and deeper down to the cellular level. Water-based moisturizer can be found at outlets H2O +, worth USD 34.

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