Men’s Top 5 Sex Fantasies

Men fantasized about something sexually wild & crazy and the truth for all men is that no matter how satisfied they are with their current sex life, they have imagined what it would be like to be with a totally different person in the bedroom.

Let’s dive in to our top 5 fantasies for men…get ready to unleash the inner wild child!

1.  Threesomes
The universal fantasy shared by men and women is the top of the list…the cherry on the cake. What is hotter than being ravaged by one hot girl? Being ravaged by two of course. This is a fantasy best turned into reality if both women are anonymous or just “sex friends.” Engaging into the threesome with a serious girlfriend and a random other girl can be a major pitfall in the relationship. Feelings of jealousy, curiosity and envy will take hold and things will never be the same.

2. Celebrities
Here is a fantasy that everyone has, maybe even more women than men. We all fantasize about waking up next to Jessica Alba and telling her you’re ready to play “ouch ouch your on my hair,” followed by pancakes in bed (maybe that is just me?) Men can usually share this fantasy with their partners unless the partner has a very low-self esteem. Few women should be worried that you’re going to run off with Pamela Anderson in the middle of the night (unless you become a bad boy rocker with a 12 inch cock).

3.  Prostitutes
Men fantasize about being with a “pro” for the same reason people claim to hire pros in real life: the chance to have wham-bam thank you-mam no strings attached sex with someone with “professional skills.” You’re already pondering checking out the Craig’s List ads while reading this aren’t you? Fact is that guys fantasize about this because it is considered taboo in our society. It may be dirty, but dirty is sometimes what turns people on the most.

4. Exciting Places
 If you can’t actually have sex in a wild location (say in the jungle as Tarzan), fantasizing about it is the next best thing. There is something very erotic about having sex or fantasizing about sex in a place you most likely won’t ever get to fuck in. For me, I am usually banging my secretary on the desk in the oval office of the white house. Thanks for the pep talk on this one Mr. Clinton.

5.  Forbidden Sex
It is quite common to fantasize about sex with someone that is off limits for some reason. She is married or she is a nun, or maybe you’re an R. Kelly type pedophile (but I hope not, for your sake). The allure here is obvious- we always want what we can’t have.

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