6 Key Points to be learned to Make Love

Before we start discussing the points, it is very important to understand that 100% participation and complete devotion of the partners, better mutual understanding, desire for passionate love making and readiness to take initiative in the game of love are the prerequisites.

There are situations when one partner has to lead and let the other partner keep his/her desires burning, failing to understand this will cost in early ending of your passion packed activity. Also please take care not to eat more at dinner, because it affects your active participation in love making. Foreplay, knowing the peak point of one’s partner, leading alternatively, use of different sex positions and some more are the key points to be learned about before thinking about having night long sex.

1.While making love, we forget about our past and feel absolutely no worries of our future; everything freezes to time and we live in the very moment. But unfortunately for some people; love making do not last longer and they are not able to enjoy every bit of it.

2.Some of those fears and nervousness could be from the fear of rejection but some also has to do with the fact that your might feel like it needs to be really special and memorable.

3.The most obvious and common way is to have a very nice meal together. Make sure it is romantic. The setting is very important here as you should use candles, soft music and romantic lighting. You should try and cook yourself but if not, you can always order food from his favourite restuarant.

4.Do you and your man have a special spot that you share? It could be the place you met or where you went on your first date. This special place could even be an amusement park or where your favorite team plays.
You should arrange a visit to that special place together and take a walk or spend some time together. When you know and feel the timing is right, tell him how much you enjoy his company and that you love him.

5.Life does not usually turn out like the movies. The stuff you see in movies rarely happens so it is important to not get too pressurized with expectations. You man might not even be expecting you to tell him that you love him.

6.Use of different sex positions has its own importance in sexual intercourse activity. There are different sex positions which allow both the partners choose the way they want to enjoy their time. Some positions allow both the partners keep showering love on the other partner for longer time without shooting up early. Both the partners can use different sex positions during one intercourse.

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