Learn different types of Kisses

World of love is filled with so many different and passionate ways to kiss your beloved.
Different couples around the world tries different types of kisses but there is one type of kiss which is their favorite.

Check out the following different types of kisses and then decide which type of kiss is most suitable for you, so that you can always keep the light of your love bright.

1. Share Kiss:
This kiss is done by holding a long stick of chocolate between you and your partner’s mouth, and then slowly starts eating the chocolate from both the ends, once your lips are almost touching your partner’s lips, then make the passionate lips kiss. With the mixture of sweetness of your kiss and chocolate this type of kiss gives amazing happiness.

2. Hot and Cold Kiss:
Ask your partner to drink hot coffee and yourself suck the ice cube. So now your partner has hot lips and you have cold lips, now make a lip kiss with force and kiss till temperature of lips goes to normal. The chemistry caused because of hot and cold lips will make your kiss amazing.

3. Finger and Lips Kiss:
Use your finger and gently start rolling your finger over your partner’s lips. Start from lower lips and then goes to upper lips. Increase the force of your finger, this will make your partner feel very exciting, this kiss is done just before you make complete lips kiss.

4. French Kiss:
This kiss is most popular kiss and most passionate kiss. In this kiss you both keep your mouth open and take your tongue in and out of your partner’s mouth. In this kiss your tongue is in constant connection with your partner’s kiss. This is very intimate kiss, so be careful that you are making this kiss with the only partner you truly love or your wife.

5. Bite Kiss:
In this type of kiss you start with normal kiss and suddenly you gently bite the tongue or lips of your partner. Make sure that you do not tell your partner that you are going to byte her tongue, do it with complete surprise this will cause a very passionate sensation.

6. Get Up Kiss:
This kiss should be done while waking up your partner in the morning from his/her sleep. First kiss on the forehead and then slowly all over the face making their morning good in true sense; there is possibility that your partner may pull you for more passionate kiss which adds thrill and excitement to this type of kiss.

7. Nose Kiss:
This kiss have very different feelings; in this kiss your rub your nose against the nose of your partner; this kiss is an indication that now you are ready for the next stage that is lips kiss. This is the only kiss where it is possible to keep your eyes open and enjoy the facial expressions of your partner.

8. Shoulder Kiss:
This kiss has element of surprise; come from the back side of your partner, hold her from the back by spreading your arm and then give a gentle kiss on her shoulders ,this kiss is a very loving kiss and makes your partner feel that you really love her.

9. Care Kiss:
This kiss is very pure indication of love and it is free from any kind of sexual feeling. In this kiss you either kiss directly on the forehead of your partner or the eyes of your partner. This kiss is very assuring kiss for your partner, your partner will feel very safe while you make this kiss. It gives her confidence that your truly care for her and will remain with her forever.

10. Lipstick Kiss:
In this kiss a girl partner put on heavy layer of lipstick on her lips, for more fun try flavored lipstick or lip gloss. Now male partner rub his lips against her lips till, even his lips also get coated with some layer of lipstick. In this kiss do not get your tongue in between, just play with the lips only.

11. Cheek Kiss:
In this kiss there is no involvement of lips or tongue, just the cheek. In this kiss you get the  cheek  of you and your partner closer and then rub the  cheek  against each other, this is very playful kiss and makes your faces smiling while making this kiss.

12. Complete Kiss:
This kiss is very intimate kiss like a French kiss and should be applied on your true partner only. In this kiss you start by kissing on the forehead and then kissing face, stomach, legs till foot. Then turn her and kiss all over her back side. Few lovers makes the mistake of not kissing her on side, so make sure that you also kiss on her both the sides including her arms. This kiss is long and very pleasurable because this kiss causes sensation in complete body of your partner.

Above 12 types of kisses are very loving, pleasurable, exciting and can help you to express your love like a real lover. These kisses are not erotic kisses, so can be used even if it is just the beginning of your relationship. Erotic kisses are done while you are actually making love but these kisses are pure kisses for pure love.

Tell your partner about these types of kisses and she will be impressed with your knowledge of kisses and if you are lucky she will ask you to kiss her and explain these kisses practically. So do not delay to learn these kisses and make your relation full of care, love, hugs and kisses.

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