You Think You Know Your Man?

It is a common joke or a pun in the dating world that men are straight forward and it is the woman who is complex and it is the woman whose heart is difficult to read and comprehend. Most women feel that men are like open books and they know their man very well?

Are you one of those women? Do you know what your man feels and thinks when he says certain things? Find out:
Woman thinks

• Most women think that men are really not interested in talking about anything other than food and sports! Well, the truth is men also look forward to a great conversation (other tan food and sports also!) but it becomes difficult for them to start a conversation with a woman. So ladies, if you like a man, go for the conversation!

• Women instantly think that is a guy splurges on her or generally spends a lot of cash when she is around, the guy must be loaded with a lot of money. Well, chances are - that is not the case. Most men feel they have to spend on a woman's behalf and probably spend more if he has to impress her. It is just there in their genes!
Woman shake man's hand

• Most women think that men are attracted to younger girls. Well, that is a fact but for the right reasons. It has nothing to do with beauty but everything to do with youthfulness, sprit and the joy that younger girls exuberate

• Women have a tendency to be an open book when it comes to their dating history. Well, men do not want to know the exact details. The male ego wants them to think that they are the first and the best!


• Every girl thinks she can change a man! Well, truth is no one can change anyone unless he himself wants to change

Every coin has two sides and thus every rule has its own exceptions. But these are the general conceptions and misconceptions that men and women have!

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