Couples Tattoos and the Meaning

Getting matching couple tattoos are a great way to show how committed you are. Couple tattoos may have different meanings, inspirations, relevance or it could just be a mere fanaticism. From identical hearts to complementary quotes and 'you had to be there' symbolic drawings, these couples take saying 'I love you', to a whole new level.

 If you want to celebrate that you belong together you can also get tattoos that are identical and matched in every detail. You can get colorful tattoos that spread all over your arms, or a simple matching pair in one color to express your life together.

Here are a few ideas for love tattoos for couples you can use:

1. Tattoos for couples with love quotes. The quote, “Always and forever for the rest of our life”, "letting love find a way", can be inked in whole on both of you or half of the quote on each of you.

Couples Tattoos

2. Colorful leg tattoos that include a Russian doll and a girl’s portrait on woman’s leg and skull and rose piece with other flowers on guy’s.

Couples Tattoos

3. Cool arm tattoo pieces, which become a complete piece when they hug each other.

Couples Tattoos

4. Fun tattoos to sport and reflect the fun and adventure that couple share with one another.

Couples Tattoos

5. Heart Match Couple, Girl has a heart lock with a puzzle peace on it and the guy has a heart with the same puzzle missing.
Couples Tattoos

If you have planned to get one, make sure you are getting it with a right person, or else later you might have to shell out dollars to get a cover-up.

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