Bachelorette Party Ideas

If the idea of ​​watching dance and wiggle to a semi naked man is not your idea of ​​a bachelorette party fun, here are 10 ideas to pass like never before.

1. Casino. You can go with friends to a casino and spend the night gambling and having fun. In many countries you can order dinner and take and some have even begin to handle packets of goodbyes in that give each of your guests a card with money to play for some time. Take a chance, after all, marriage is also a bet!

2. Spa Day. Go with your best friends to a spa for a day or a weekend. You'll have to sacrifice the junk food and alcohol, but your skin exfoliated, clean and shiny it will be worthwhile. Today there are hotels - spa packages that manage groups in which in addition to living a fun experience so you'll have an anti-stress.

3. Salsa night. Why go to clubs and dens forever, when you can get out of the common transport you to the Caribbean and spend a night dancing salsa! Meet the salsa clubs of your city and do not just go to 1, 2 or 3! Do not have to know how to dance to perfection, only know how to move your hips and feel like fun. Azuuucar!
4. Karaoke bar. If you have forgotten the liberating feeling of making completely ridiculous, remember and go to a karaoke bar with friends or if you really dread the idea of ​​singing in public, meet in a house and rent a karaoke machine. It will be fun and will remember all those unforgettable songs of the 80 90's.

5. Everything is in the stars. If you think a lot about what the stars and the stars have in store for your future, make a New Age party! Hire a tarot reader, astrologer or clairvoyant and do it all at the party read the letters, hand, coffee, sand, etc. After all, who does not know what the future holds.

6. Rally! We are adults does not mean we are bitter. Organize a rally with clues and a map. At each station can leave prizes including bottles of champagne, certified massage, manicure, etc.. Have fun making it as creative as possible.

7. Comedy night. Go to a comedy bar of life and ensure a night full of laughter. Discuss in advance to get a table in front of the comedian and discuss it on the bounce, surely the jokes about mothers-marital sex and will soon arrive.

8. The great outdoors. Your departure can be a good opportunity to see nature. Make a trip to climb or just camping in a beautiful location on the outskirts of your city, just remember to pack your tent, comfortable clothing, enough food and mosquito repellent!

9. Big pimpin '. By choice of bars, clubs, pool halls, restaurants and parties where you can have them all in one night. Rent a luxury limousine and take with your friends all over the city visit different places every night. There must be a limousine can also be a van or car with room for all and can handle. Have fun making shirts combined with fun for all messages, that way no one will be on the road.

10. We go to the beach. Organize a fun trip to a beach or city (Las Vegas, preferably) or take a cruise. Any excuse for a trip and not have to cost a million. Look economic packages for group and flying has said.

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