10 Tips to Lose Weight Post PREGNANCY

Always consult your doctor before undergoing a diet. Put in the hands of a nutritionist to monitor you properly. Remember that not only must take into account the weight, but also your body mass index, your percentage of body fat and your blood pressure and a blood test to check your blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides. These data will help the specialist to ask you a diet suited to your needs.

If you are breastfeeding is important to remember that you should not lose weight suddenly, as this could affect your milk production.

If for the moment do not want to see a nutritionist, I leave you some tips to take into account. I remember that in Mexico we are the first in the world in obesity ... female! So to get the batteries.

1. It's all about portions. For example when the food comes to reducing your portion of pasta, rice or beans ½ cup and selects only one of the above, do not go to eat ½ cup of each in one sitting.
2. Do not do heavy breakfast. You can for example a fruit breakfast and a cup of cereal with skim milk (preferably whole grain).

3. Orange juice is very good, but in moderation as it contains lots of sugar. With half a glass, freshly prepared enough.
4. Be sure to eat a vegetable soup and include a salad or side dish of vegetables in your food.
5. As snacks you can eat cereal bars (but not those with filling), Light yogurt or fruit.
6. Try to avoid the jicama, peas, beets and potatoes and restricts your intake of carrot.
7. For dinner reduce your portions and if you have not filled includes a salad or vegetable stew.
8. If you're hungry between meals you can eat gelatin diets and cucumbers ... Everything you want both!
9. Try to drink 3 liters of fluid (this includes your coffee or tea, water, soup and gelatin).
10. Avoid canned foods and meats (turkey ham limit yourself to) and prefers fresh cheese (which melts very quickly have more fat).

Remember that you went up in weight in 9 months, so do not try to lose everything in two weeks. Date and visualize your time and start enjoying eating better. Do not forget to check the second part of this post in the "health and beauty" Maternity desperate.

Check also more tips on techniques such as food and diet, to give an idea of ​​how you can be your menu.

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