Fashion Tips to Look Like a Model

Do not have the body of a model? Do not worry, to know how to use clothing from your wardrobe, you can take advantage of your figure: Follow the tips of the designer Mariana Luna.

Your wardrobe: the best ally
1. Buy clothing that is your measure
Whether you're a size 2 or 12, if you use clothing that is not in your size, you end up seeing bigger than you really are.
2. Be sure to wear appropriate underwear
If you want to give an aesthetic illusion, used underwear to give you better support and do not check the body's imperfections.
3. Accentuate your positive parts
If you have a beautiful neck, but a little extra weight around your waist, carries all the visual attention using neck collars and accessories.
4. Use more dark colors
Slimming black color almost everyone, reduces the appearance of fat in the belly and love handles in the body.

5. Avoid horizontal lines
The horizontal lines on tops or pants, always make your silhouette look larger. Opt provided by the vertical lines that create just the opposite effect and make you look a stylized figure.

6. Monochrome
To achieve a more slender and elongated silhouette, dressed head to toe in the same color.
7. Proportions Game
Choose the part of your body that is thinner and focuses on that part.
8. Earn height
You know a good pair of heels makes you look slimmer in seconds. To project a perfect figure, your style always accompanies high heels instead of flats.
9. V-necks
The effect created when you leave the shoulder and down diagonally to the neckline gives a few inches tall, lengthening the neck, reducing the bust too prominent and visually reduce the width of the back.
10. Use light colors to your advantage
Light colors attract the eye's attention at first, so take advantage of for use in areas that want to stand out more.
11. Pay attention to the length of the hems
If you are using for the hem heels almost touching the floor. This gives you between 8 and 12 cm in height extra instantly and automatically figure thinner and elongated.
12. Prints
Very large drawings fat and make you look smaller in stature.
13. Accessories
The key word is "long". A necklace with a long chain makes your neck look longer immediately. The same happens with long earrings.
14. Pants
Prefer pants with a smooth face. No creases! The pleats make extra volume just above the belly. It is also important to pay attention to the area of ​​the shot. If this is too short can make the curve of the belly, and if too long can cause your pants down and let love handles above the pants fall.
Golden Rule
Always try on garments before buying. If you go with someone, ask and listen to your views. If you're single, take a picture with your phone and try to be very objective with what you see. Seeing your reflection in a photo is much easier to see if the garment will help or not, if he manages to project the figure you want or not.

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